In 1957, this is built for fruits cultivation and agricultural products and then in 1959, it started producing wines mainly.
We use grapes produced all in Yamanashi at company's farm and contract culture. And we produce great wines.
This is not a winery with a big factory but with a lot of love from locals
It has narrow streets and no large bus can enter.
When you come here, get off the bus near the entrance, and the bus needs to go back.
Please inquire in advance if you want to go on a factory tour.

Main Wine
○Japanese blend
Ues Campany's farm Black Queen, Baley Alicante, Muscat Bailey A
Medium Body Dry
Blended with stainless fermented Koshu and matured Koshu in a cask for 7 months. Dry.
○Koshu Omokawa
Use Koshu, which is near the river "Omokawa" along with company's farm. Dry.