Erinji Temple was built by Musokokushi in 1330 and well-known as a family temple of Takeda Shingen.

〇 Erinji Temple Garden: The garden is recognized as a national scenic spot of a typical Japanese garden style with a spring and a pond, and is representing one of the masterpieces built by Musokokushi. The garden with almost 700 years history shows a different scenery from season to season.

〇 Takeda Fudoson: This statue made with Shingen as a model is dedicated in the grave of Takeda Shingen in front of his tomb. It is said that Shingen shaved himself and cut his hair into small pieces, then mixed it with lacquer and painted the statue’s chest by himself. Since the statue had not been burned down even when Oda Nobunaga set the temple on fire, it became the most worshiped wooden statue in Erinji temple.

The Shingen Treasury Hall has many cultural assets relating to Takeda family including Shingen’s helmet, Armor and fighting fan as well as the flag with the Sun’s Art of War, which is well known of “Furinkazan”.