〇 Grape
A variety of grapes grow in Koshu. It is exactly called the kingdom of the grape. You will find your favourite vineyard. Various type such as Delaware, Kyoho, Pione, Shine Muscat, Kaiji, Koshu, etc.

〇 Peach
July for just a month is the best season for variety of peaches, Hikawa Hakuho, Yamanashi Hakuho, Wase Hakuho and Hakuho. The Sotta Nectarine is newly developed in this area. Many people visit and enjoy picking peaches in the season.

〇 Cherry
Various cherry like Satonishiki, Takasago, Napoleon, and so on will bear lovely fruits from late May to late June in Koshu.

〇 Korogaki (Dried Persimmon)
Dried persimmon is made from sour persimmon hanging under the roof to make them sweet. Strings of the persimmons hanging under the roof is a typical view of the winter.

〇 Strawberry
Strawberry picking is available inside a greenhouse. Many strawberry gardens accept wheel chairs and strollers so all generation can enjoy picking strawberries together.