This is a farm park in the nature with free cherry blossom viewing in spring, peach picking in summer, grape picking in autumn, and also a restaurant.

[Peach picking] The end of June to the end of August
When big groups plan to come, please reserve in advance.
In every course, you can try peach sample.

◇Price in 2016
[Course A] 1,100yen (tax included): You can pick 2 peaches.
[Course B] 1,600yen (tax included): You can pick 3 to 4 peaches.
[Pleasure Course] 2,160yen (tax included): You can pick 4 to 6 peaches.
[Value Course] 3,240yen (tax included): Meal + peach picking

[Grape picking] The beginning of August to the end of October

◇Price in 2016
[Course A] All you can eat for 30 minutes
The beginning of Aug. to 25th-ish of Aug.: Delaware with no seed,750yen (tax included)
20th of August to the middle of Sept.: Kyoho, 1,100yen (tax included)
THe beginning of Sept. to the mid Sept.: Kaiji, 1,100yen (tax included)
The middle of Sept. to the beginning of Nov.: Koshu grape, 700yen (tax included)

[Course B] All you can eat for 30 minutes + sourvenior ※the kind of souvenior grape chages depends on seasons
1,300yen, 1,600yen, 2,160yen (tax included)

[Value Course C] Meal + grape picking (all you can eat for 30 minutes) + souvenior
3,240yen (tax included)