Koshu-shi is located in the northeast part of Yamanashi.
This city has rich nature and beautiful combinations of historical buildings such as mountains, farms and so on. And it takes only 1 hour from Tokyo by train or car.

In Koshu, you can enjoy good quality fruits throughout the year such as grapes, peaches, strawberries, cherries, and persimmons.
As for wines, Koshu wine is famous around the world lately which uses grapes that only in Japan.
Also, it is famous in many ways. In Sengoku era, the 15 to the 16th century, Shingen Takeda used to eat "hoto" during the fight. It is an origin of "soba" that we used to eat it in round shape and then cut it into noodles. The wine pigs are famous which drinks wine to make it soft.
There is Kerinji where is a tomb of Shingen Takeda who is a hero in Yamanashi as a commander in the 15th and 16th century and some shrines or things related to that. So it still has historical now.
At Kerinji, Daizenji, and Seiunji have beautiful gardens and you can spend a good time there.
Also, Koshu-shi started producing wines 130 years ago, so that a museum called "Miyakoen" was made and you can learn the wine history in Koshu-shi.