This is a winery, which was established in 1960, and you can go on a factory tour.
You can go there on foot from JR Isawa Onsen Station and also there is a parking lot for buses so it is located in a good place for an individual tourist and groups.
Also, admission, tour, sample taste (some cost money) are for free so that the reputation is good that tour can be conducted freely.

As for wines, we use Japanese "Koshu" and "Muscat Bailey” mainly and produce red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, white wine, Chardonnay Delaware Niagara and so on.
Also, there is a dessert wine called "Vinho De Mars" from 1945 to 2002. (depends on the year, there might be no wine) This original wine is limited that is put in casks to age with a vintage wine, brandy, and spirits. One of the characteristics is less deteriorate after opening the bottle.
In 2005, at Japan Wine Competition, Koshu and West grape red wine got first prize for the first time in Yamanashi. Also, since 2014 for 3 years, we have been getting first prize.

If you are a group 10 people or more and want to go on a tour, please make an appointment 7 days before. A guide will be with you.