Designed to evoke feelings of being in a ‘jinya’ (a small land domain during Japan’s Warring States era), ‘Hibiki no Sato’ is a unique concept restaurant serving high-quality local cuisine. Customers are treated to a cinema-screen visual show depicting the famous Takeda Shingen’s deployment of troops into battle, accompanied by an impressive live Japanese drum (‘taiko’) performance.
The spacious and comfortable dining hall can seat up to 250, and a small, separate theatrical box area (still in clear view of the performance stage) is suitable for smaller groups of up to 6 persons - ideal for businesses or families.

The alluring rhythm of the taiko drum is an experience not easily forgotten, and accompanied by the restaurant’s first class cuisine, the overall experience is one that we hope will remain with you as a symbol of Yamanashi culture.
Taiko performances are scheduled to last 30 minutes, from 12:00 and 13:00. However, please note that schedules may at times be subject to variation.