Fudoki Farm Store can be reached via the Chuo Expressway, by taking an immediate left on exiting the Kofu South Interchange.
The store sells a huge variety of delicious seasonal produce grown in the Kofu district, including corn & vegetables, various fruits including peaches, grapes and Japanese pears, as well as finished goods such as wine, souvenirs and unique regional specialities, to name just a few.
New produce is delivered to the store each morning, ensuring that all items are fresh and in season. And, since the products are local to Kofu, the ease of maintaining high quality standards means customers can rest assured that the affordable prices do not fluctuate over time.
Furthermore, as an agricultural production area, direct delivery is also available, and since a variety of brand new finished goods are produced each day, many of these are then sold on the same day.
The store also has an ‘eat in’ area, in which visitors can enjoy freshly prepared food.

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Timeline of Fudoki Farm Store

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