"Idojiri Archaeological Museum, a facility that restores lives taking place at the foot of Yatsugatake Mountain during Jomon(about 8000BC- 2300BC) period, aims to contribute to improvement of moden life.

Inside the museum, among all the excavated unearthed relics, about 2000 earthen vessels and stone tools are placed on chronological order, of which the change and use can be known. Together with the vessels and tools, dwelling exhibition, food, jewelry and clothes are also exhibited, making it easy to understand.

The museum offers explaination of religion concept, worldview and myths in the those days through design decipherment of earthen vessels and clay figures.

Outside the museum, in an area of 5300 square meters, along with the fireplace and structural remnants remains, plantation and stone implement rock garden are established to investigate the eating habit or agricultural implements in those days. In Idojiri historical sites,many restoration houses are built.

When you walk in those houses and listen to the never ceasing sound of the runing river, you will find yourselves immersed in the world of Jomon very soon. From here is known as beautiful park of historical sites, where you can view Kai Komagatake, Phoenix Mitsuyama and Mt. Fuji easily.