"A park where you can interact with cute animals with the best
view from which you can see six of the 100 mountains in Japan (Akadake, Kita-dake, Kai Komagatake, Mt. Ruisan, Mt. Jinpu, Mt. Fuji).
The beautiful plateau with mountain views is also popular as a photographic spot. The ""Makiba restaurant"" in the park uses various ingredients from Yamanashi prefecture such as Koshu wine beef, highland vegetables, milk and wine abundantly so you can enjoy the taste of Japan.
The superb view from the terrace, delicious ingredients, makes this a very surprising restaurant. The Makiba restaurant in the park is a pleasant prefectural Makiba park where you can have 360-degree view of the beautiful panorama of Yatsugatake, Mt. Fuji, Chichibu mountains and the Southern Alps spread. You can also interact with sheep and ponies etc. for free.
There is also a suverior shop and the information and photos about farming. The most popular is the ""Makiba Special Wine Beef Stew"" using the Koshu wine beef. You can try the food that has a lot of vegetables. Also, the famous Makiba Burger is also very good. You can also try the delicious Makiba Soft Serve or Fujisaku Pork's bacon skewer!