Masutomi radium onsen spring has been frequented by many literary, artistic types for many years.
It is located in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park at the altitude of over 1000m (3300ft), on the way up to Mt. Mizugaki.
It is cool in the shade even during mid-summer, many visitors flock to enjoy trekking, climbing, and fishing. Also during the early summer and fall, many drive up from far and wide to enjoy the seasonal beauty of this area.
Masutomi radium spring is said to have been discovered by the great samurai Shingen Takeda and it remained secret for some time. It later became famous as a therapeutic spa, it has been officially named as one of the two national therapeutic onsen spas in Yamanashi prefecture. Many ryokans directly draw the spring water from the natural source, some onsen facilities are staffed with instructors who will guide the visitors to properly use the spa for a therapeutic purpose.
Masutomi Onsen has been hosting many visitors from the sportive type to those who seek healing for centuries. Masutomi's magnificent nature, excellent spring water and hospitality will give you a special treat without a doubt.